So how does it work?

Buster Company strives to help you and your organisation learn and change to create a safe, diverse and inclusive company culture.

We use innovative applications and techniques such as gamification, AR, and VR. The Bias Buster uses AR to create awareness around unconscious bias by testing you in our AR surroundings.

Why do we use Augmented Reality?

The closer you are to real life, the better and more genuine reactions you get from your players. And by 360 recording real people and real facial expressions, we are as real life as you can get.

Our layers of gamification make it also fun to play, and it has a zero ‘guilt’ factor. This makes sure players enjoy the experience and like playing. It makes players want to play again and again and tell their colleagues. And it ensures players are open to learning.

Here’s a sneak peek

The Bias Buster was designed for mobile and is available in the Appstore and Playstore. Clean design makes it easy to navigate, and fun facts like collecting stars make you want to play again or more.

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Your dashboard

In the data dashboard, D&I officers get insight and understanding about the bias performance of departments, divisions, and the entire company if required, even in comparison with other companies. So you know where your organisation is, where to start, and where to go.

All benefits in one list:

  • any time
  • any place
  • all at once
  • closest to real life
  • very affordable
  • all your employees can play
  • generates data to use for your D&I efforts
  • GDPR proof
  • benchmark data available

How about you and us tackle unconscious bias?

We’ve built a tool to create awareness and learn about personal unconscious biases for anybody, anywhere, anytime.

An all-in-one app, your people, can play anywhere, any time. And we made it affordable and very accessible.

So how about that demo?

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