How about you and us tackle unconscious bias?

We’ve built a tool to create awareness and learn about personal unconscious biases for anybody, anywhere, anytime.

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How does it work?

Players find themselves in real-life situations with real 3D recorded life personas and encounter potential bias.
Under time pressure, decisions are made.

Players are finishing in the learning centre to find feedback about their choices and learn how to achieve better results in real life.

Thanks to the data dashboard, you get an insight into your organisation’s performance towards the biases tested. An excellent starting point to create awareness for your D&I program and start actions in the right places with the right topics.

Our clients are:

What do our players say about the experience?

” It was fun to do and liked the facts in the learning. 

” Great way to get engaged in this topic! 

” Super fun experience, loved it! Too bad the test was over fast, made me curious for more.”

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