Buster Company helps people to learn, develop and change to create equality and more inclusion.

The Buster Company strives to help organisations and people to learn and change.
Together we build a safe, diverse and inclusive company culture.
Your people can learn and change using innovative applications and techniques such as gamification, AR and VR.
And your organisation can see, hear and learn from your people what is there, what is wanted, and what is needed.

How about you and us tackle unconscious bias?

Using state-of-the-art 3D recording technology, players find themselves in real-life situations with real-life personas and encounter potential bias. In a gamified environment, decisions are made under time pressure to trigger instinctive reactions.

All in one app, people can play anywhere, any time.

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Why we created an app for that:

  • any time
  • any place
  • all at once
  • closest to real life
  • affordable
  • all your employees can play

Why we use Augmented Reality?

The closer you are to real life, the better and more genuine reactions you get from your players. And by 3D recording real people, and therefore realistic facial expressions and body language, we are as real life as you can get.

Our gamification layer makes it also fun to play and has a zero ‘guilt’ factor. This makes sure players enjoy the experience and like playing. Furthermore, it makes players want to play again and again and tell their colleagues.

A great all-in-one app, people can play anywhere, any time.

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